You can get some form of references from my undergraduate classmates (sat in the same classrooms for four years to take the same courses) at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can find them on Linkedin or on Google



Mustaq Ahmed

Joined Google Research. PhD and MSc from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada (in Computer Science). Once positioned 11th in the ACM programming contest (world final). Check him on Google Research page:

Ali Saber Md. Munirul Abedin

Senior Development Lead, Mircosoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA. Got job at Microsoft while a 4th year student. Once, positioned 11th in the ACM programming contest (World Final): Linkedin profile:

Shahriar Manzoor

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering Department, South-East University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shahriar Manzoor is the Judge of ACM-ICPC (Programming Contest) World Finals 2003-2012. Check him at wikipedia:

Shamsi Tamara Iqbal

Researcher (Adaptive Systems and Interaction Group), Microsoft Research , Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, University of Illinois, Champaign Alumni (MSc, and PhD), IL, USA

Hemayet Hossain

Senior Architect at NVIDIA, Senior GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) Architect at NVIDIA. University of Rochester, NY, USA (PhD) (Worked in Intel, Nvidia as interns): Linkedin:

Md. Mahbubur Rahim Khan

Senior Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters, Thomson Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, USA (University of Minnesota alumni (MSc) )

Probir Kumar Ghosh

Sr. Java Consultant at Wellington Management, (past: Team Leader (Software Development), Advanced Ameriaca Bank, Dayton, OH, USA)

Mohammad Aminul Haq

Software Development Engineer 2 at Microsoft. Previous: Motorola, Chicago, IL, USA (Mobile Communications) (Waseda University, Japan Alumni (MSc) )

Ashfaqur Rahman

Research Scientist, CSIRO. Past: Assistant Professor, AIUB, Bangladesh, Monash University, Australia Alumni (MSc, PhD)

Ayesha Yasmeen

Post-Doctoral Research Associate at University of Illinois, Past: PhD from the University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, USA

Junaed Sattar

Post Doctorate fellow at the University of British Columbia, MSc. and Phd from the McGill University, Montreal, Canada (PhD Candidate) (Under Water Robotics - his research was once featured in the Discovery Channel)

Kazi Khaled Al-Zahid

Research and Development Engineer in automotive Software, Research and Development for BMW. MSc from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (Completed Another MSC)

Manzur Ashraf

Power System Engineer at FCPS, Australia PhD from University of Adelaide, Australia:

A H M Saiful Islam

Tech Lead, Nazdaq Technologies, Bangladesh

Md. Monirul Islam

Assistant Professor, BUET. PhD from the Monash University, Australia. WEB:

Mohammad Mehedy Masud

Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University, PhD from the University of Texas, Dallas, TX, USA

Mohammad Mursalin Akon

Sr. System Software Engineer (Linux for Tegra) at NVIDIA, PhD from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada. MSc from the Concordia University, Canada

Mohammad Towhidul Islam

Senior Software Engineer at MarkLogic Corporation, PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada. MSc from University of Manitoba, Canada

Mohammad Shorfuzzaman

Faculty, Dept. of Computer Science and Information Technology, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada. MSc and PhD from the University of Manitoba, Canada

Mohammad Shahnoor Islam Khan

PhD Student at Ryersion University, Former Customer Solutions Manager at Alcatel-Lucent, Bangladesh

Naser Jamal Khan

Data Center Senior Assistant Manager at Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Banglalink);

Mortuza Ali

Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. PhD from the Monash University, Australia

Muhammad Sirajul Islam

Former Research Scientist - ICT at Department of Primary Industries Victoria

Salahuddin Mohammad Masum

Assistant Professor, Southwest Tennessee Community College,University of Mimphs (PhD Candidate)

Subrata Saha

Software Developer at IDERS Incorporated (Device Drivers for Payment Processing Hardware), Winipeg. MSc from the University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada

Sukanta Pramanik

Current status unknown, PhD from the University of Waterloo, (University of British Columbia alumni (MSc) )

Suman Saha

Software Engineer (Cloud Computing) at Cisco Systems MSc and PhD (MSc from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan) (Software Developer at VR Lab, CHIP, University of Connecticut)

Mohammad Ameer Ali

Assistant Professor, East-West University, Bangladesh, Monash University, Australia Alumni (MSc, PhD)

Mohammad Shah Alam

Professor, IICT, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh MSc and PhD from the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Kazi Ehsanul Haque

Assistant Secretary, Foreign Services, Govt. of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Md. Rubaiyat Ferdous Jewel

Developer, Mircosoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA (University of Toronto Alumni) (Device Driver Area of Windows Operating Systems). Linkedin profile:

Ahsanul Arefeen

SAP Basis administrator at Secure-24: Linkedin profile:

Farah Farzana

Developer, Mircosoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA, University of Toronto Alumni (MSc)

Md. Golam Kaosar

Researcher at KFU, MSc from King Fahad University, Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Ahsan Ali

Developer, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond Washington, USA. MSc from University of Windsor (or McGill), Canada

Mohammad Ali Asger Moshad

Software Developer, BJIT Limited, Tokyo, Japan

Ahmed Sayed

Consultant, Software Engineering and Software Development, Toronto, Canada. MSc from the University of Manitoba, Canada

Syed Md. Sazzad Mostafa

Software Developer in USA (H1B)

Md. Ziaul Karim

Captain, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh

Mohammad Sajjad Hossain

Major, Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh

Pushkar Raj Rajkarnikar

Nepal Bank, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mohammad Tanveer Hasan

Current status unknown (was an MSc Student, Concordia University, Canada)

Tanbir Ahmed

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Khandoker Tarik-ul-Islam

Current status unknown. MSc, Korea,

Lita Chakma

Seattle University, Seattle, WA, USA

Mohammad Arifuzzaman

Current status unknown, Probably Completed PhD from Australia, and Joined as an Assistant Professor in Bangladesh. Turkey for MSc or PhD

Shabnam Aziza

Current status unknown. University of Waterloo Alumni (MSC in Computer Science), Waterloo, Canada

Quazi Ehasanul Kabir Mamun

Current status unknown. MSc. from the Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (MSc)